Monday, January 25, 2010

Together again

Watching the Australian Open tennis over the weekend reminds me of Melbourne, where I found the Christmas Cave, the largest Christmas store in Australia. It might just be one of the largest in the world. When I arrived, several tourist buses were parked on the side streets in the suburbs where it’s located. There were only two penguin ornaments in the whole place, however, and this one was broken when I bought it. It took me several tries to glue the parent and chick together, because it was difficult to find something that worked well on glass. Also, I think these were broken pieces of two separate ornaments that didn’t fit together easily. Finally, after gluing tissue in between the two pieces, I got them to stick, and they’ve been together ever since.
Santa’s Brand crystal parent and chick with black wings, Christmas Cave, Melbourne, Australia
Acquired: November 20, 2004
Number: 249
Price: 9.95 $AUS
Size: About 3.5 inches tall

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