Thursday, January 14, 2010

Eleventh-hour Santa

On my to the Poconos one Christmas Eve, I had to stop on the way for some last-minute gift shopping. I found everything I needed at R.J. Mars a variety and gift store in Clinton, N.J., which is about halfway between where I lived in Middletown, N.J., and Henryville, Pa., where my brother and his family lived at the time (and where I live now). I also treated myself to this little penguin ornament. At first I thought the head had broken off a full-bodied penguin ornament, but there was a bowl full of just the heads and there was no indication that they used to be attached to bodies. Even if it had been a broken-off head, I probably would have bought it anyway. I have a number of broken ornaments that I’ve rescued from clearance tables over the years.

Glass penguin head with oversized red cone-shaped glass Santa hat.

Acquired: Dec. 24, 2005, R.J. Mars, Clinton, N.J.

Number: 284

Size: About 2.75 inches tall

Price: $3.99

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