Friday, January 29, 2010

Odd couple

The colors are unusual for penguins, if that’s what they really are. Any upright bird with flipper-like wings qualifies as a penguin in my book. I think this pair comes from one of the shops in the Queen Victoria building in Sydney, Australia. It was almost Christmas and the Queen Victoria building was decked out for holidays. A huge tree began on the first floor and punched its way through the ceiling as it climbed to the top level of the mall. The QVB is worth a visit any time of the year for its stained glass windows, a huge hanging clock that tells the story of colonization of Australia, a full-size carriage carved in jade, the statue outside of Queen Victoria herself, and, oh yeah, the stores.

Brown and blue ceramic pair with scarves
Acquired: November 2004, Sydney, Australia
Number: 248
Price: unknown
Size: about 1.75 inches tall

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