Friday, January 15, 2010

Tiniest penguins

This Hallmark ornament is not the smallest in the collection, but the penguins on the are the smallest because the ice cube they’re standing on is so big. The ornament is so tiny that one year it got lost in the tree while I was trying to hang it near the top. I didn’t find it until after Christmas when I put the tree away. I’m not even sure I knew the baby was holding a fish until I saw the enlarged photo, or even that there was a baby. The ice cube is etched with the year 2001 the year I got it from my friends Jenny and Jason. They grew up with my nieces and they have always called me Uncle Don. Jenny is this blog's first follower.
Acquired: December 2001
Number: 0178
Price: gift
Size: about 1 1/8 inch tall

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