Thursday, December 16, 2010

Small wonders

A running theme at Käthe Wohlfahrt seemed to be tiny ornaments. This came in handy, as you’ll find out later, when it came time to pack for the trip home from Prague. All of these little penguins were on display throughout the store and organized by style in baskets and pigeonholes. I had to check each room to be sure I had all the penguins. I even overdid it and wound up with a couple of tiny figurines that turned out not to be ornaments. Oh, well, they make a nice accent on the breakfast counter.

Acquired: June 30, 2009, Käthe Wohlfahrt, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Tiny stepping penguin
Number: 0631
Size: 1 inch tall
Price: 1 euro

Four flattish skier, parents with chick, and holding candy cane
Number: 0632 0633 0644 0638
Size: 1.75 inches tall
Price: 2 euros each, top penguin 2.95 eruos (unexplained difference)

Three with tree, wreath and trowel
Number: 0635 0636 0637
Size: 1.5 inches tall
Price: 1.85 euros each

Three tiny molded glass with skis, present and tree
Number: 0642 0643 0644
Size: 2.25 inches tall
Price: 3.95 euros

Puffy blown glass penguin
Number: 0645
Size: 1.5 inches tall
Price: 4.50 euros

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