Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pretty penguins of blue

I have a blue penguin Christmas tree. 
All the ornaments are blue or mostly blue. It has blue tinsel garland. 
There are blue lights and a blue tree skirt (I forgot to take a picture with the lights on). 
Yes, even the candy canes are blue (and blueberry flavored).
It’s the small tree in the tv room, where I have a blue sofa and a new blue Christmas cloth for the coffee table. Last year, this tree was decorated with all wood ornaments, which will go upstairs on a different shaped tree this year. The big tree is all set up in the living room, but I might add some more ornaments before I take pictures of it. I will probably have an additional tree upstairs this year. That would make five trees total, counting the one at the Trolley Museum in Scranton.

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  1. I forgot to mention that the Babazes — Marge, Charlie, Jen (see next older post for pic) and Jason — and Ana Ferreira did the heavy lifting on the blue tree decorations. (Also the big tree, not pictured yet.) Thanks, Team Penguin!