Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Past

There was one more ornament from Regensburg, Germany. By the time my friend and I returned to the little shops, Anne had gathered my selections, including this one that she said is probably 100 years old. What I wouldn’t give to know more about this amazing old penguin. Her husband Leo had come back from the post office. They were still looking for an old clip-on style penguin that Anne said should have been with the penguins or with the other clip=on ornaments. She searched  high and low. We even went back to the first shop, where Leo found some more penguins that weren’t ornaments. And we went around the corner to where Anne had a display window on one of the main streets to see if it was there. “I think someone may have taken it,” she said. “It happens.” She wanted to look some more and she and Leo needed to pack all my ornaments, so Jose and I went to a nearby beer garden for a sausage and beer lunch. When we got back, all the penguins were neatly packed in two cardboard boxes, but there was no clip-on penguin. I gave Anne my address in case it ever turned up, but I haven’t heard from her. I was worried about getting all these ornaments home in one piece, especially this old antique. I even had to go through a complicated second check-in in London, because I accidentally packed a treasured Swiss Army knife in the suitcase with the penguins. But, as you can see, it all worked out and the old blue glass penguin has a prominent spot on my penguin tree, this year the blue tree.

Antique blue glass penguin with tinted feet eyes and beak
Acquired: July 1, 2009, Regensburger-Tändlerei, Regensburg, Germany
Number: 0650
Size: 5.25 inches tall
Price: 45 euros

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