Thursday, December 9, 2010


You can find more about Carcassonne on the internet than I could ever tell you in this little space. For those who don’t know, which included me until I visited a couple of years ago on a side trip from Barcelona, Carcassonne is a walled city in Southern France that has been restored and preserved as a sort of living time capsule from medieval days. People live there and you can enjoy a choice of hotels and restaurants inside the walls. It’s not the sort of place I would expect to find a Christmas tree penguin, but there was a gift shop near the big church that had ornaments in its window. The store was closed when I first saw it, so I didn’t know if they had any penguins inside, but it looked promising. I went back later and found just this one penguin ornament, but ain’t it a doozie? It’s big. And it plays snippets of 25 Christmas songs as the penguins skate around the frozen pond. The blue, plastic sphere is translucent, which you can see in the rear view. I probably didn’t have to travel such a great distance or go back so far in time for this ornament. Mr. Christmas is based in the U.S. and their ornaments are available in a lot of stores, including one just over the mountain from my house.

Mr. Christmas Gold Label 75th Anniversary musical skating scene
Acquired: March 14, 2009, Carcassonne, France
Number: 0619
Size: 4.75 inches diameter
Price: I don’t have this written down, but I think it was about 35 or 40 euros. A lot.

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