Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all

This is another one of the handmade ceramic ornaments from Anne and Leo Klosters’ shops in Regensburg, Germany. Frohes Fest is German for Happy Holiday, but no matter how you say it, My Penguin Tree wants everyone to have a Merry Christmas. And here are all my penguins, tree by tree.

The winter fun tree at the Electric City Trolley Museum in Scranton. All skiing, all skating, all sledding.

The big tree in the living room. It's all glass and class.

The blue tree in the tv room. I <3 this tree!

The little tree and front windows with all the stuffed animal and fabric penguins.

The wood tree in Jenny’s room upstairs.

The fun tree (all the rest of the ornaments) in Becky’s room.

Red clay ceramic Frohes Fest penguin
Acquired: July 1, 2009, Regensburger-Tändlerei, Regensburg, Germany
Number: 0657
Size: 4.5 inches tall
Price: 14.50 euros

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  1. Forgot to point out that the last tree is the Bonnie Loch tree, almost 50 years old, pulled out of retirement again at the last minute for yet another appearance.