Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday rush

It was just a few days before Christmas and I had one or two gifts to buy. I knew I could find what I needed at the mall, but I wasn’t looking forward to traffic and hordes of eleventh-hour shoppers. The weather was a wintry mess, but I was happy to find out that traffic was light. And when I got to the mall in Allentown, I parked easily and found the gifts I needed right away. It gave me time to check out the Christmas department in JC Penney, where I found these nice, brightly colored ornaments. The place was pretty much picked over by this time, but I also picked up a penguin stocking hanger and a tree bag (for storage). I also spotted a penguin tree skirt on a display tree, but I couldn’t find anyone to help me with it. I got in line to buy my things and asked the season-weary clerk if I could buy the display skirt. “Well, uh, sure,” she said. Should I help myself to it? “Uh, yeah. Next in line!” On the way back to take the skirt off the display tree I noticed some decorations around the corner from the rest of the Christmas department, including more of the penguin skirt I wanted. I waited in line again to pay for the skirt and the clerk was happy and surprised to see that I had found it. At last, I was done, and headed for my car. Halfway down the mall, I remembered I had left a cup of coffee on a shelf at Penney’s, so I turned around and went back for it. Then I headed for the car again and was almost out of the mall when I dropped the bag with my ornaments. An ugly crashing sound told me that it would not be pretty. The clear glass ornament, above, was crushed to bits and the stocking holder was broken beyond repair. Back to Penney’s I went, where I was lucky to find replacements for my broken purchases. I had to wait in line (for the third time) and told the clerk my tale of woe. Then the best thing happened: she gave me credit for my broken goods, bringing the story to a happy end.

All acquired Dec. 21, 2008, JC Penney, Lehigh Valley Mall, Whitehall, Pa.

Flattish, felt covered ceramic penguin with purple and pink striped top hat, pink scarf, and carrying gifts
Number: 0596
Size: 5 inches tall
Price: $3.99 (60 percent off, originally $9.99)

Wood penguin head in Santa hat over a long pink and green, curly-toed stocking with a blue boa and dangling jingle bells
Number: 0597
Size: 8 inches tall
Price: $3.19 (60 percent off, originally $7.99)

Painted penguin with a pink and white striped stocking cap on a flat glass bulb filled with glittery snow
Number: 0598
Size: 4 inches diameter

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