Monday, March 15, 2010

Snow angel

I have penguins with snowmen, penguins with snowballs, penguins playing in the snow, even penguins filled with snow, but this is the only penguin I have making a snow angel. The flat glass bulb is covered with a snowy frosting and a painted penguin is flapping its wings and feet to make the angels wing and flowing gown. The ornament is also filled with snowflakes, like a number of others in the collection. I wonder if I’m supposed to fill them with water so the snow inside can be shaken like a snow globe, but I’m afraid of making a mess or breaking the ornament.

Snow Caps by Seasons of Cannon Falls, MN, flat glass snow-filled bulb with painted penguin making a snow angel
Acquired: July 29, 2009, Christmas Spirit, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware
Number: 692
Size: 4 inches in diameter
Price: $17.50

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