Monday, March 8, 2010

A happy birthday

It was my birthday, three years ago today, and my sister Gale came for a visit from Florida to help me celebrate and to keep me company as I recovered from heart surgery. I don’t remember why, but we found ourselves at the Central Park Zoo, probably to see the excellent penguin exhibit where you can watch the penguins both above water and below. I poked around in the gift shop, but didn’t see any penguin items that I needed. Somehow, Gale saw this ornament and secretly bought it for me as a surprise. We also went to the rain forest exhibit where I found out that I was not the only one with a birthday. A sign at the colobus monkey exhibit said that baby Kima was born at the zoo on March 8 one year earlier.

Holiday Greetings, Ornaments Unlimited glass ball from Central Park Zoo
Acquired: March 8, 2007
Number: 357
Size: 3 inches tall


  1. Happy Birthday, Donald! I like to think that you were in the sun as you wrote this! -- Anne

  2. Thanks, Anne. Written in advance, but yes, I was by the pool, the only place where the wifi was strong enough, when I posted it.