Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Rocks, part 2: Warnings

I had booked a flight to and from Houston so I could see a game at Minute Maid Park — my final major league baseball stadium — and I rented a car to drive to and from Fort Worth. A week before my trip, Hurricane Ike hit Texas, and the day before I was supposed to leave trip, I received a message that my hotel reservation had been cancelled. I scrambled to find a new place to stay, not realizing the full consequences of the hurricane’s impact. Houston was without power and a curfew had been imposed. Driving out of the airport in Houston was a little scary. The streets were virtually deserted, with trees down and signs knocked over, one of them punching through the roof of an apartment building. I made it to Fort Worth, but then I began to  see flashing highway signs that warned: Do Not Travel to Houston or Beaumont. I was worried that I might not be able to get back.

Penguin juggling peppermints on a wire
Acquired: September 27, 2010, Christmas Rocks, Houston
Number: 0510
Size: 6.25 inches tall
Price: $5

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