Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Rocks, part 3: Play ball

The conference ended in Fort Worth and I still wasn’t sure if I would be allowed back into Houston, but by the time I got there, things were returning to normal. The night curfew was lifted the day I arrived. Some cleanup was still going on downtown. A few sidewalks were taped off where some of the skyscrapers’ windows were broken. I was having some coffee in an atrium of a building near my hotel and looked up to see a worker walking around on the cracked glass ceiling a couple of floors above where I was sitting. I moved. And the Astros’ game with the Atlanta Braves was on for that night. I was finally able to say that I had seen baseball games in all the major league parks. My trip was a success and there was an extra bonus when I discovered a little store called Christmas Rocks.

Clear penguins with red hats, scarves, and bow tie
Acquired: September 27, 2008
Number: 0499 0500 0501
Size: 3.75 to 4 inches tall
Price: $5.95 each

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