Friday, September 3, 2010

Out of my gourd

I was in San Diego for a journalism conference and had a free afternoon one day. I did two things. I drove to Los Angeles to see a game at the stadium in Anaheim and I found a souvenir penguin Christmas tree ornament. The baseball game was easy, but finding a penguin Christmas ornament in southern California in September took some work. I thought I might have my best chance in Old Town San Diego, an artsy-crafty area mixed in with some historic buildings. I found some penguins in a nifty soap store, but they were neither soap, nor Christmas ornaments so I took a pass. There were a few Christmas tree ornaments in some of the shops, but not any penguins. I went up and down each street and alley and poked my head in almost every door. Nothing. The last shop had a front and back entrance. I walked in, looked around, saw nothing and was prepared to accept defeat. But as I walked out the back door and looked to my right, I saw this painted gourd along with several other gourdy critters hanging on a pegboard. From there it was on to Anaheim to check another baseball stadium off my list. Two missions accomplished.

Painted gourd
Acquired: September 1, 2010, Old Town San Diego
Number: 0366
Size: 4 inches tall
Price: $15

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