Thursday, February 10, 2011

Red revisited

Here’s yet another in the series of black and red penguins I posted in October, and now I know more about these ornaments. They are the work of Stephanie Stouffer, a Vermont artist whose designs can be found on cards, stoneware, textiles and cards. I noticed "07Stouffer" stamped on the back side of this Santa on a motorcycle, which led me to the sites on the colored links. It turns out the other black and red ornaments have the same stamp on them. I still don't know how many more of these nifty ornaments might still be out there for me to discover, but I found a couple of my other ornaments are also Stouffer designs in a different style.

Stouffer 07 black and red Santa on a motorcycle
Acquired: August 8, 2010, The Christmas Shop, St. Michael’s, Md.
Number: 0799
Size: 3.5 inches tall and wide
Price: $2 (originally $6.95)

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