Monday, February 21, 2011

Over a barrel

I don’t have a Crate and Barrel near where I live, but I’ve known about their penguin ornaments thanks to some nice gifts I’ve received and also thanks to the internet. I try to keep my online and mail order purchases to a minimum as a way of keeping a limit on the growth of the ornament collection. A lot of good that does, huh? Anyway, I was happy to see a Crate and Barrel when I was in northern Virginia for a conference last fall. For one thing, I needed to buy a wedding present, but I also wanted to get my hands on those penguins. These three are the first of the batch.

Glittery ball skiers with flat hats
Acquired: October 27, 2010, Crate and Barrel, McLean, Va.
Number: 0820 0821 0822
Size: 2.5 inches tall
Price: $2.95 each

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