Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sweet Nutcracker

This penguin with a Christmas-colored snow cone is the third and last in a series of Noël Nutcrackers by Hallmark. Seems like a pretty short series to me, like the minimum amount to qualify. The first in the series was “Candy Claus,” a skinny Santa that looked like it was made out of pieces of candy. The second was a grinning “Jolly Snowman” holding a broom. The penguin is a very sweet little ornament that actually functions like a nutcracker with a moving tail lever to open and close his beak. It’s really not big enough or sturdy enough to crack any actual nuts, but who cares. It’s a penguin. It’s a Christmas tree ornament. And it’s cute as can be.

Hallmark Keepsake “’Snow’ Happy to Serve” Noël Nutcracker No. 3 and last in a series
Acquired: July 11, 2010, Jill’s Hallmark, Broadheadsville, Pa.
Number: 0786
Size: 2.5 inches tall
Price: $14.95

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