Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I have more penguin ornaments than I thought I did. I just realized I gave two of my newest penguins the same number, so I had to renumber about a half a dozen. These haven't been on the blog yet, so it wouldn't normally be a problem. The same thing has happened several times before I started the blog, but this time, I already posted my newest penguin about a month ago on January 24 with the wrong number. I've corrected the entry and added the size, which somehow never made it onto the blog.

Actually I have fewer penguins than I did before the recount. Over the weekend, I passed a couple of these triplicates on to another penguin fan, Ryan DeFelice, a friend of the family. (Don't worry, Ashley, I've got the same ones for you, and a bunch more.) These ornaments have been around for a long time and were posted on the blog last April here and here. I figured it was time to scale back a little bit and make room for next year's new ornaments. I'll keep these on record as part of My Penguin Tree. They'll just be in a new home.

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