Thursday, February 17, 2011

Too much fun

I never got a chance to try out this ornament to see what kind of lights, action and music are created, but it looks like there’s a lot going on. As I was packing it up, I noticed the batteries were still taped to the packing material in the box. Most of my ornaments aren’t going into their original boxes anymore, because I bought some space-saving ornament storage boxes for the most delicate penguins. I’ve decided to keep the Hallmark boxes, however, because of their potential as collectibles and because the boxes contain a lot of information about the ornaments themselves.

Hallmark Keepsake 2010 Frosty Falls, Magic light, sound and motion
Acquired: October 17, 2010, Jill’s Hallmark 2, Easton, Pa.
Number: 0813
Size: 3.5 inches tall
Price: $34.95

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