Sunday, February 20, 2011

Four heads are better than one

This set of felt penguin ornaments was a nice gift from my niece. At first I thought they were coasters, but I was just as happy to find out I had four new penguin ornaments. When I went to measure these for the record during packing, I couoldn’t find them. I remembered putting them in their plastic box, but I didn’t remember what happened to them after that. Finally, they turned up last night, but now I’m looking for my own head. Jeez.

Holiday Passport World of Gifts, World Market, made especially for CostPlus, four coaster-like felt penguin heads
Acquired: October 23, 2010
Number: 0816 0817 0818 0819
Size: 3.5 inches diameter
Gift from my niece Becky Parsons

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