Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Universal soldiers 4: Shaking the tree

In addition to all the penguin ornaments on display on the shelves, The Christmas Shoppe had a tall tree decorated with the very same ornaments. I noticed two ornaments on the tree that I couldn’t find on the shelves however. It was the two smaller versions of the clown-like pair featured today. I told the clerk, David, that I wanted the two smaller penguins off the tree if he didn’t have any others in stock. He checked in the back room first, then told me it would be about “10 minutes” before he could get a ladder to reach the ornaments. “I don’t suppose they’d let us climb up on the shelves (which were next to the tree)?” I asked. It was clear to me by now that David wasn’t happy about all of this and that he probably wanted me to go away and settle for the dozen or so ornaments I had already picked out. I waited, a few groups of customers came, and after they were taken care of, I asked about the ladder again. Without a word, David disappeared into the back. A few moments later Brianne appeared to watch the register, and then David returned with the ladder. All of this was for two little ornaments, but I’m glad I persevered because these are awesome penguins and it’s nice having them in two sizes.
I actually have another version of these penguins in a salt and pepper set that came to me as a gift. I think I have details about who and when written down somewhere, but I haven’t kept very good track of all my other penguins like I have with the Christmas ornaments. And I also have another set of penguins from The Christmas Shoppe, but they are candle holders and don’t look anything like any of the ornaments I bought. My sister Gale sneaked behind my back while I was enthralled with all the ornaments. Maybe when I unpack everything this year I can take a picture and post an update.

Large and small pairs of Kurt Adler clown-like penguins
Acquired: November 24, 2007, The Christmas Shoppe, Universal Islands of Adventure, Orlando
Number: 0419 0420 0428 0429
Size: 7 inches, 8 inches and 4 inches tall
Price: $19.85 each (large), $9.95 each (small)

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