Saturday, October 2, 2010

Universal solders 1: A walk in the park

Somewhat less than a year after having triple coronary artery bypass grafts, I found myself in the middle of the Universal Studios theme park near Orlando with more than a dozen family members. A couple of years before about 24 of us mobbed Disney all at once with great success, so we didn’t expect any problems this time either. It didn’t work out that way, but we persevered until we had squeezed our money’s worth of fun out of the place. I think I was the big winner, because I found a Christmas shop inside the park and went home with about 4 shopping bags full of ornaments. Here’s one of them, a realistic emperor penguin. Its black feathers have a velvety texture. Over the next few days I’ll be telling more of the Universal story, and you’ll get to see the rest of the loot I hauled in that day.

Seasons of Cannon Falls Inspiring Traditions fuzzy emperor
Acquired: November 24, 2010, Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, Orlando
Number: 0418
Size: 3.75 inches tall
Price: $6.95

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