Monday, October 11, 2010

A lotta chocolate

One year, everyone got chocolates for Christmas. I gave some people other presents, but they also got chocolates. That’s because I was in Macy’s and they had gift boxes of chocolates with small ornaments attached as decorations. I don’t remember all the other ornaments but some of the candy boxes had penguin ornaments on them in different sizes, depending on the size of the box. I even gave myself three boxes of chocolates so I could keep one penguin of each size for my tree. A year later, I found one of the smallest penguins that someone (probably one of my nieces) had left behind and I added it to the collection too. That’s why there are two tiny ones and why the catalogue numbers are far apart. The chocolate was good, by the way.

Penguins in three sizes with blue and green hats and red ties with white polka dots
Acquired: December 19, 2007, Macy’s Herald Square, New York
Number: 0439 0440 0441 0576
Size: 1.25, 2 and 3 inches tall
Price: Came with boxes of Frango chocolate ($27.30 for three boxes)

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