Monday, October 25, 2010

Loving family

One thing nice about having two of these ornaments is that I can show you the front and the back in one photo. How about those embracing wings in the back? This is another example of having so many ornaments that I forget which ones I’ve already bought. Now, I can look at the blog when I’m not sure. In fact, I saw an ornament the other day that looks something like the big-footed penguin I posted Oct. 1, but I can see now that it’s different enough for me to buy it next time I’m back at that store.

Embracing parents with penguin chick
Acquired: May 15, 2008, Holiday Magic, Kansas City, Mo.
Number: 0466
Size: 4.75 inches tall
Price: $12.95

Duplicate of No. 466
Acquired: Dec. 26, 2008, Christmas Loft, Stowe, Vt.
Number: 0601
Size: 4.75 inches tall
Price: $8.99

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