Saturday, July 3, 2010

Worth the wait

I knew this penguin was coming long before it joined the collection. My friend David Belcher had bought it and told me about it a few years before he finally gave it to me. It was a busy time for both of us, and when our paths crossed, it was usually unplanned and unexpected.  For example, once during a layover on my way to the Greek islands, we had a chance to catch up with each other at the Athens airport, of all places, because he had a short flight delay going the other way on his journey home. Well, the penguin made it to me a few years after that surprise encounter and it’s been a happy addition to my penguin tree ever since.

Stuffed penguin with tall Santa hat, red scarf with green trim, red mittens and big blue googly eyes
Acquired: 2004
Number: 231
Size: 9.25 inches

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