Monday, February 8, 2010

Penguin Holiday

“How did they do that?” Everyone asks the same question when I tell them that this ornament is painted on the inside. My quick response is, “With a tiny brush.” But there is a lot of skill involved, a lot of artistry and a lot of attention to detail in this centuries-old Chinese technique. The company that makes these ornaments offers a wide range of products and designs, each of them as beautiful as this one with it’s group of penguins carrying a small tree and sprigs of holly. Even the rope hanger is exquisite. And take a look at the jewel box it came in. It’s another wonderful find from Noël Eternel in Montreal and arguably the most beautiful ornament in my collection.


Ne’Qwa hand painted inside mouth blown glass by Edith
Acquired: September 11, 2009, Noël Eternel, Montreal, Quebec.
Number: 705
Price: 44.99 $CAN
Size: 5.5 inches tall 

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