Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Small things, nice package

Nice things come in small packages, but this time it works the other way around too. I like the package on this set of penguins almost as much as the tiny glass ornaments. I don’t know how they attached the little penguins on the card however, because it was very difficult to get them off. I was afraid I might crush them if I pulled to hard. Although the set includes six penguins, there are only three designs: two with Christmas trees (top and bottom middle), two with candy canes (middle right and bottom left) and two with what looks like a pickle.

Krebs International set of six glass ornaments
Acquired: September 23, 2011, Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, Frankenmuth, Mich.
Number: 00944 0945 0946 0947 0948 0949
Size: 1.75 inches tall
Price: $8.99/set

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