Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The “Jingle Bells” problem

I recently found out there’s a difference of opinion over the meaning of the first line of the song “Jingle Bells,” which is not the original title by the way. Are we describing the kind of bells when we sing the song, or are we telling the bells what to do? The second line leaves no room for interpretation. We want those bells to “jingle all the way.” I don’t care either way, but I am facing a jingle bell decision of my own. Do I have enough jingle bell penguin ornaments for a whole tree? Maybe there are enough for a small one. Imagine what it will sound like when you shake it.

Two TJ’s Christmas elongated jingle bells, one with white belly and Santa hat, the other with silver belly and tree hat
Acquired: June 30, 2011, Trinkets & Treasures, Durango, Col.
Number: 0918 0919
Size: 3 and 3.5 inches tall
Price: $6.95 each

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