Saturday, January 1, 2011

Penguin Summer: Chincoteague

We were falling a little behind schedule again, partly because of my penguin ornament shopping, but we made sure to stop at Kitty Hawk where the Wright brothers made their historic flights. We were supposed to make it to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware that night, but it was clear we wouldn’t make it. Our plan B was to get to Chincoteague. The RV campground directory I had bought came in handy for us to find a place and call ahead. That gave us time to stop for dinner at a homey diner a few hours away. During our meal, the waitress asked us where we were from, where we were heading, etc. When we said we were going to stop in Chincoteague, she said, “You’re lucky, tomorrow is the pony swim.” Without even planning it, we were going to be in Chincoteague for the annual wild pony roundup and swim across the channel from Assateague Island. We even found out our campground had a front row view of the swim and the parade to the fairgrounds where the ponies would be auctioned. I even found a penguin ornament, one that matched a pair that I had bought a few days before in Hershey, Pa.

Small felt penguin with red ear muffs
Acquired: July 29, 2009, The Brant, Chincoteague, Va.
Number: 0684
Size: 4.75 inches tall

Two small felt penguins with flat orange beaks and green hats
Acquired: July 24, 2009, Incredible Christmas, Hershey Park, Pa.
Number: 0674 0675
Size: 5 inches tall
Price: $3.99 each

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