Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snowboard, Santa and snowman

I went a little crazy last year with the Hallmark ornaments after I found out they have events starting in the summer to release each year’s Keepsake ornaments. I made sure I got to the Hallmark store early so I wouldn’t miss out on any of the penguins, and there were a lot of them. One of the benefits of going ornament shopping in summer was that Jill’s Hallmark had a big discount aisle in addition to the new releases for 2010. This set of ornaments, featuring a snowboarding penguin with a dancing snowman and Santa was marked down. I know, it’s three ornaments, but I only assigned it one number, because there’s only one penguin in the set. I used the penguin on the winter sports tree at the Trolley Museum, but left the snowman and Santa in the box. Next year, I’ll probably find a place where I can hang them together again.

Hallmark “Santa’s Merry Crew”
Acquired: July 11, 2010, Jill’s Hallmark, Broadheadsville, Pa.
Number: 0780
Size: 1.75 inches tall, 1.5 inches long (penguin)
Price: $3.75 (75 percent off)

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