Friday, January 21, 2011

Pieced together

You’d think a store called The Christmas TreeShop would be full of penguin ornaments, but that wasn’t the case. I had to paw through a few bins to scrape together a complete set of these rubbery particle penguins. I guess they are very fragile, because most of the leftover ornaments had holes punched in them or heads broken off or the lights punched out or not working at all. Hey, they were all real cheap at least.

I found some similar rubbery particle ball penguins later on and there was a similar problem with breakage, although the carnage was not nearly as bad as what I saw at the Christmas Tree Shop with a few shopping days left before Christmas.

Four fragile rubbery particle ball penguins with lights
Acquired: December 19, 2009, Christmas Tree Shop, Allentown, Pa.
Number: 0760 0761 0762 0763
Size: 3.75 inches tall
Price: $1 each, I think

White rubbery particle ball penguin with light
Acquired: November 7, 2010, Target, Stroudsburg, Pa.
Number: 0842
Size: 4 inches tall
Price: $3

Black and white rubbery particle ball penguin with light
Acquired: November 21, 2010, Walgreens, Stroudsburg, Pa.
Number: 0878
Size: 4 inches tall
Price: $1.99

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