Thursday, June 17, 2010

Rubber legs

Is it good or bad to have “rubber legs” if you are a skier? All I know is that mine usually feel like rubber after a day on the slopes. This skiing penguin is made from glued-together pieces of a rubbery material. It’s not flexible, but has a soft feel to it. Another odd thing about this ornament is that it looks three-dimensional, but it’s almost flat. Even the skis, which look like they stick out in front, are almost flat to the penguin’s body. It’s a nice artistic trick on a nicely designed penguin ornament. I found it at a Christmas store in Old St. Augustine on one of my trips to Florida. It was a big store and I was prepared to fill up a couple of shopping bags, but this was the only penguin ornament they had.

Rubbery penguin skier
Acquired: September 2001
Number: 185
Size: 4.5 inches tall

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