Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Dramatic duo

Here’s an exciting pair of penguins. One seems to be midway through a major nosedive while the other is either running and screaming to the rescue or running for its life. There’s a lot of nice detail on these penguins, from their rosy cheeks to their awesome feet. I bought them at a store called Be Seated on Greenwich Avenue in New York City. The store was also known as Tabwa for a while, but they always had the same great exotic gifts and textiles. Every year at Christmas time the ornaments came out featuring a broad variety from the animal kingdom. The store is gone now, which is too bad, but I’ve since discovered a Christmas ornament store (all ornaments, all the time) down the street to keep me supplied.

Two wooden penguins, one running and screaming, the other diving
Acquired: 2000, probably December, Be Seated, Greenwich Avenue, New York City
Numbers: 0171, 0172
Size: running, 3 inches tall; diving, 4 inches tall

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