Friday, June 25, 2010

I want glitter

Glitter might be a penguin ornament maker's answer to a cake wreckorator's sprinkles as seen on the funny and popular blog Cake Wrecks. Not that this penguin is a wreck. I love the heart-shaped face and that twisted carrot-like nose sticking out from the striped scarf. But it looks like the glitter was added as an afterthought to make the ornament more wintry or Christmassy. In real life, the sparkles look like they have a green tint, but here it just looks like the penguin got a little sloppy eating a sugar-coated cookie. Overall, it’s a neat design: a stuffed denim or canvas body that looks like it might have been painted after it was sewn together. Or maybe it’s just black fabric, though the face is definitely painted on.

Stuffed penguin with a glittery scarf and long red Santa hat
Acquired: December 2002
Number: 199
Size: about 4.25 inches tall

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