Wednesday, June 30, 2010

On target

So, I’m doing a little Christmas shopping at Target and I wonder if there might be a penguin or two in the decorations department. What I find is not one or two, not even four or six. No, instead there is a wall of blue magic, seven sets of blue ornaments in a variety of shapes and materials, all with the same theme: three penguins with skates, gifts or snowballs. I wasn’t able to find complete sets of all them, but I did walk out with 21 new penguin ornaments, counting the little damaged No. 208 posted yesterday and the large glass mitten, No. 207, posted in January.  My favorites are the two worst photographs: the stars, which look good enough to eat, and the ceramic balls. I think I took those two pictures late in the evening as the sun was setting and casting an orange glow in the house.

Target blue penguin series
Acquired: December 2003, Target, Middletown, N.J.

“2003” single ornament
Number: 0209

Metal buckets (missing snowball penguin)
Numbers: 0210 0211
Size: 6.25 inches tall (gift), 4 inches tall (skates)

Hollow ceramic or painted glass stars
Numbers: 0212 0213 0214
Size: 3.5 inches tall

Felt squares
Numbers: 0215 0216 0217
Size: 4 inches tall

Standing ceramic figurines (missing skater)
Numbers: 0218 0219

Plush stuffed penguins
Numbers: 0220 0221 0222
Size: 5 inches tall (snowball), 6 inches tall (gift) 4.75 inches tall (skates)

Styrofoam round bodies (missing skater)
Numbers: 0223 0224

Ceramic ball ornaments
Numbers: 0225 0226 0227
Size: 2.5 inches diameter

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