Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cookie dough

This penguin obviously came from Vail, Colo., but it’s hard for me to pin down the exact time I bought it. I have a number of ornaments from Vail, and I feel like this one came later than the others. Vail was the first place I ever skied, when I took a half-day lesson on a hill that was so small, we walked to the top between runs. Then I was lucky enough to have a friend from college who worked there, so I was able to visit frequently without having to spend too much. It was one of the many big mountains I skied with my friend Linda Martelli. Later on, I went to Vail with my brother Drew, who is a ski instructor among other things, on his first ski trip to the Rockies. Whenever I got this ornament, or my other Vail ornaments, they always remind me of the good times I had there through the years.

Cookie dough ornament, Vail, Colorado
Acquired: unknown
Number: 0181
Size: about 4 inches tall

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