Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Recurring roles

These three penguins, who are building an ice fortress and stocking up on snowy ammunition, seem to show up every year at Hallmark even though they are identified as an official series. I’ve got a some of the others including a miniature set with them sledding (posted last month here), one where they are fishing, another where they are caroling, and a new one from this year hanging their Christmas stockings on a fireplace made of ice blocks. All are created by the Hallmark artist Kristina Kline-Gaughran. Snow Fort Fun is an action ornament. Press a lever and the penguin out front spins as if throwing one of the snowballs.

Snow Fort Fun
Acquired: Dec. 3, 2006, Amanda’s Hallmark, the Commons of Holmdel, N.J.
Number: 0343
Size: 2 inches tall by 3.75 inches long
Price: $15

Chilly Fishing Fun
Acquired: Oct. 5, 2007, Jay’s Hallmark, Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York
Number: 0382
Size: 2.75 inches tall by 2.75 inches wide
Price: $12.50

Subzero Serenade
Acquired: Nov. 30, 2009, Jay’s Hallmark, Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York
Number: 0744
Size: 3.25 inches wide
Price: $12.50

A Fishy Wish
Acquired: July 16, 2010, Jill’s Hallmark, Broadheadsville, Pa.
Number: 0784
Size:2.5 inches tall, 2.75 inches wide
Price: $14.95

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