Sunday, April 18, 2010

Birthday surprise

My friend Anne and the Central Park Zoo have done it again. I thought my friends and I were just getting together to play bridge again yesterday, but just before we broke up for the night, it turned into a surprise belated birthday party for me. There was a cake with my name written on a chocolate card on top and a single candle. After I blew it out, I asked if they were going to relight it 59 more times. There were also gifts — a beautiful paisley shirt; chocolate flower petals in rose, jasmine and orange blossom flavors; and this penguin ornament, which also happens to be a snow globe. The baby emperors remind me of Mumble, from the movie “Happy Feet.” This is my second birthday ornament from the zoo and another excellent addition from Anne Cronin. Giving this one a number means I've had to commit to the finger puppets from Mexico as 0770 and 0771.

29 Tonight penguin snow globe ornament, Central Park Zoo New York City
Acquired: April 17, 2010
Number: 0772
Size: 2.25 inches tall

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  1. Snow globes and penguins -- a match made in heaven. (Happy birthday again!)