Monday, April 5, 2010

Flower power

This smartly attired penguin is made of three puffy black balls trimmed with pieces of felt for the wings, feet, stomach, beak and that white top hat. A bent pipe cleaner is his cane. While not technically a Christmas ornament, it had a string attached and it seemed only natural to hang it on the tree. He came to me on a flower arrangement, I think from my sister Gale, possibly for my birthday, or for a new job, or as a get well gift. It’s hard to remember, because I grew up in a family of florists, and flowers showed up all the time and for all occasions. I spent a lot of time in flower shops doing various odd jobs, including delivery and bookkeeping. All flower shops smell the same and any time I walk into one it brings back good memories. Just like this ornament does.

Puff ball penguin with felt accents
Acquired: 1980s
Number: 0045
Size: 4.5 inches tall

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