Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A trolley from Wilmington

The trolley tree came down today. It was my fourth visit to the Electric City Trolley Museum in Scranton this season — the setup, opening night, visit with relatives last week and takedown today. On the visit last week, I found out more about the trolley next to the spot that I chose for my entry in the Festival of Trees.

It turns out that Car No. 120 ran from about 1904 to 1929 in Wilmington, Del., where I was born. This means that my grandparents, John Mundell Truitt and Nettie Lee Abbott Truitt, almost certainly rode this trolley or one of its sister cars run by the Delaware Electric Power Company.

Maybe even my mother, Mary Jeannette Truitt Parsons, rode on it as a baby, and certainly her brothers, Lee and Joe Truitt rode it along with Catherine, the sister she never knew. I don’t know how often my father’s parents made it into the city, but they may have been on the trolley too. All I wanted was a spot that would make a good photo with my tree. Looks like I hit the jackpot.

That's my sister Xena taking a picture of my penguin tree in front of the trolley.

Inside looking toward the back of the trolley.

Here's the full story from the Electric City Trolley Museum. Sorry I didn't get a clearer shot.

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