Thursday, January 19, 2012


These two treasures came from one of the booths at Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem, Pa. Either I lost the receipt or never had one because I paid for them in cash. I think they might have been $18 to $20 each and certainly worth it. 
Christkindlmarkt was set up on the grounds of the old steel mill in Bethlehem, where they are establishing an arts complex. Christkindlmarkt was in a couple of tent-like structures and the open space between and around them. 

Inside were lots of Christmas and other items, including a Käthe Wohlfahrt shop from Germany and a Coca-Cola polar bear house made of Coke cartons with a Sprite carton Christmas tree inside. 
Outside, were glass-blowing and ice sculpture demonstrations and a garden of ice creations, including a pair of penguins.

Uzbekistan needle painted round ornament with fishing penguin and fish
Acquired: December 18, 2011, Christkindlmarkt, Bethlehem, Pa.
Number: 1021
Size: 2.5 inches in diameter
Price: no receipt

Uzbekistan needle painted egg-shaped ornament with two big penguins and distant march
Acquired: December 18, 2011, Christkindlmarkt, Bethlehem, Pa.
Number: 1022
Size: 3.5 inches tall
Price: no receipt

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