Thursday, March 3, 2011


I don’t expect these ornaments to last very long. I didn’t even think they would make it home intact, but the shop where I bought them each packed in two segments of an egg carton that had been cut into individual cups. I have the ornaments carefully stored, each one in its own soft tissue nest. Keep your fingers crossed until next Christmas and we'll see how they do. I've photographed each from two sides, but the big one in the middle with the two pictures below it are three views of one egg.

Four painted eggshells, made in Autstria, with various winter scenes
Acquired: October 30, 2010, Gregory Guzzi Gifts, Annapolis, Md.
Number: 0834 0835 0836 0837
Size: 2.25 inches
Price: $14.99 each

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