Monday, May 10, 2010

Shared obsessions

Ashley over at Decorating Obsessed tipped me off to Hallmark’s sneak peek into their 2010 ornaments. Decorating Obsessed is worth a look if you are interested in anything that has to do with home decorating. Ashley is doing a beautiful job decorating her home and we’re all having fun watching her do it. Best of all: she has a penguin tree! I know there must be others out there, but hers is the first I discovered outside of my own home.
Thanks for the info on Hallmark 2010, Ashley. Now I’m looking forward to Hallmark’s Ornament Premiere Weekend July 10-11, the Ornament Debut Weekend October 9-10, and the Holiday Open House in November, even though I don’t know what they are or how I can take part. There were no penguins among the 12 favorites picked by Hallmark’s artists, but I did a little more snooping and found a preview of the collectible series that each year features three penguins having some sort of holiday fun. The 2010 ornament, called A Fishy Wish, has the threesome hanging Christmas stockings on a fireplace made of ice blocks.
This sea lion balancing a penguin is one of my first Hallmark ornaments. I’ve also received several from the Penguin Posse and I’ve found some old ones in my travels. Once I get through the whole collection we’ll see how many I have, but I think it’s close to enough for at least a small Hallmark tree. And I'm sure I'll be adding the five or six new penguins from Hallmark this year.

Hallmark “Balancing Act” with sea lion and penguin
Acquired: unknown, repaired with glue in December 2006
Number: 0115
Size: 3 inches tall


  1. Thank you so much. I am so excited to see what kind of penguin awesomeness Hallmark has planned for this year.

  2. I'm excited too. I can't believe I'm marking those dates on my calendar.

  3. It's okay – we can be nerds together. :)