Monday, May 3, 2010

Love boats

I found the missing sailboat pictures! Originally, I had shot them all together in one photo, but you couldn’t see the details very well. So after I had finished all the other photos, I redid these boats. That’s how the photos wound up in the wrong place in my highly organized system of folders for the blog. I’m laughing, not only because of that last hilarious sentence, but because I’m so happy I don’t have to look for these in the large storage tub filled with a couple hundred wooden ornaments. While there are four distinct designs and four separate messages on their heart-shaped sails, I have five boats because the one with the fish and the, um, drum or basket, and — is that a tutu? — came with two different messages: “Noel” and “Peace.” If Macy’s had been smart, they would have made each of the four boats with all four of the messages, and I would have bought sixteen of them instead of five. (Don’t think I wouldn’t. Wait ‘til you see what else I did that day, and then wait ‘til we get to the Chillinz collection.) The rear view is of the “Love” boat. It’s the only way I could show the life preserver in the back. They are an odd bunch, these sailors, dressed in all sorts of ways and doing all sorts of things, but they sure are cute.

Five wooden boats with heart-shaped sails
Acquired: 1980s, Macy’s Herald Square, New York City
Size: 2.625 inches tall

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