Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Santa’s helpers

Here’s a big bunch of ornaments, 11 of them, that I’ve always lumped together because they all seem to be helping Santa Claus get the kids’ gifts ready for delivery. Whoever made them did a nice job of mixing things up with different colored scarves and hats, and by putting different things in the carts. I get a kick out of the wooden soldiers in one cart. It looks like some of them may be stuck in head first. You should click on the stockings and sleighs to zoom in on the train engines. I also like the two penguins wearing gray vests, like they're the toy workshop supervisors. As I was carefully making sure I had all the different varieties of this set, I saw a lonely penguin hanging on Macy’s tree. It wasn’t until much later that I realized this is the same as the penguin on top of the box with bell backboard. He even has a little stub of a peg where the rest of the ornament used to be attached. So I probably got ripped off, but at least this one didn’t end up in the garbage. On an unrelated note, I have no Star Wars penguin ornaments to commemorate the holiday today, but I hope you had a happy Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you.

Eleven wooden toy shop ornaments
Acquired: 1980s, Macy’s Herald Square, New York City

Three carts
Number: 0089 0090 0091
Size: 2.5-3.25 inches tall, 3.25-4 inches long

Two boxes with bell and star
Number: 0092 0093
Size: 3.75-4 inches tall

Three sleighs
Number: 0094 0095 0096
Size: 4 inches long

Two stockings
Number: 0097 0098
Size: 3.75-4.25 inches tall

Penguin from bell box ornament
Number: 0099
Size: 2 inches tall

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