Thursday, April 21, 2011

Last of the Hallmarks . . . almost

I managed to get all of last year’s Hallmark penguin ornaments, I think. This was the last one they released. It matches a stuffed musical decoration that Hallmark offered at a special price if you bought something like three greeting cards. I ended up with a lot of Hallmark ornaments and they were kind of expensive. This year I might try to restrain myself and catch some of the new ornaments on sale after Christmas. I saw an article that said Hallmark is expecting penguins to replace polar bears as the big animal on their cards in 2011. I’m a little worried that it means there will be more penguin ornaments too.

Hallmark Keepsake “We Need a Little Christmas” based on 2010 promotional decoration with penguin and snowman decorating a tree
Acquired: December 13, 2010, Jay’s Hallmark, Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York
Number: 0907
Size: 4 inches tall
Price: $18.95

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